Shield of Sidhe

I wanted to share this with you because, well.. it’s a cool design!

Shield of Sidhe

The main shield is made from plastozote foam, with a fibreglass core and then latexed.

Then the figure was cast in poly rubber. The hole that the figure sits in is a rubber negative casting so that it fit perfectly.

It’s a magic item prop.

The figure is removable and represents the scales of balance and justice ( scales are to be added shortly ).

It was a challenge to make as there are a lot of different materials involved.

If you want to see more cool designs check out the creator at DragonArmoury,

  • lawrence

    thanks for the cool looking shield and its give me a few ideas for a future kite shield that ive been doing rough sketchs for. Though i mainly work in metal doing reproductions though i have done some nice pieces. I used to work for an experimental archaeology unit where i learned a lot about historical accuracy . At the minute i am looking at various 14th cent gaunlets as this my next project, though this is my first attempt and trying the step articulation and Brian R Prices book has been invauable especially when i started reproductions, though can you give any advice eg tools, forming and the glove should it be leather if so how thick or supple should it be, any reading material on gaunlet construction would be great to, thank you so much and i hope you have time to help, Lawrence

  • Craig Davis

    That is a fantastic looking shield. So jealous to have that talent!