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Museums and Collections

The British Museum

The Royal Armouries

Victoria and Albert

The Wallace Collection

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Historisches Museum Luzern

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Heritage Malta

Art Institute of Chicago
United States

Cleveland Museum of Art
United States

Higgins Armory Museum
United States

Metropolitan Museum of Art
United States

Living History/Reenactment Groups Worldwide

Roman (~200bc – 400ad)

Legio XX
Northeast US

Roman Groups and Websites

High Medieval (~900 – 1300)

Northeast US

Northeast US

Regia Anglorum
United Kingdom

Late Medieval (~1300 – 1400)

De Liebaart
Central Europe

La Belle Compagnie
Southeast US

Renaissance (~1400 – 1600)

House of Bonivant

The Company of the Wolfe Argent
Northeast US

Polish Light Artillery
Northeastern US

Multi-Period Groups

The Historical Reenactment Website
United Kingdom

Knights of Veritas
Northwest, US

Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia
East Coast, US

Medieval Horse Guild
East Coast, US

Society for Creative Anachronism

Tempus vivit!

Armour Construction Resource Links


The Arador Armour Library

The Armour Archive

Armour Design

Armour Projects and Patterns

British Artist Blacksmith Association

Butted Mail: A Mailmaker’s Guide

Legio XX

An Online Manual of Japanese Armour Construction

The Real Wrought Iron Company

The ‘Viking Shield’ from Archaeology

Plate Armour Merchants

Ancient Arms and Armour


Christian Fletcher Medieval Military

The Hammered Wombat

Historic Enterprises

Ice Falcon Armory

Illusion Armoring

James Arlen Gillaspie

Nigel Carren

Robert R. MacPherson

Stirling Brown Arms & Armour

Truehearth Armoury

Valentine Armouries

White Mountain Armoury

Chainmail Merchants (armour, etc.)

Chainmail & More

Chainmail Sales

Chainmaille Fashions

Forth Armoury

The Iron Ring

Knight Shirts & Chainmail Accessories

L’Armurerie du Roi

The Ring Lord

Leather Merchants (armour, etc.)

The Miles Tonne Zone

Weapon Merchants

Arms & Armor

Del Tin Swords

Lundegaard Armoury

Salamander Armoury

Buckles, Castings, Etc.

Drachenstein Treasures

Raymond’s Quiet Press

Historical Combat Arts

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA)

Alliance Martial Arts

Association for Historical Fencing (AHF)

Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA)

Boars Tooth Fight School

Chicago Swordplay Guild

Classical Fencing

Compagnia de Malipiero

The Company of Maisters of the Science of Defence

Die Freifechter

The Duellist- Classical Fencing and Historic Swordplay

European Historical Combat Guild

European Historical Fencing Alliance (EHFA)

The Exiles – Company of Medieval Martial Artists

Gallowglass Academy

Journal of Western Martial Art

Knights of Veritas

Martinez Academy of Arms

Scherma Traditzionale

St. Martin’s Academy of Medieval Arms

Swordplay Alliance

Antique Arms and Armour Merchants

Arms & Armour Auctions, Inc.



LionGate Arms & Armour

Michael D. Long

Paul’s Antique Arms and Armour

Peter Dale Ltd.

Ron Ruble Enterprises

Additional Arms & Armour Information

Arms and Armour Society


New World Arbalest

Stefan’s Florilegium

Sword Forum Magazine Online

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